Intercloud provides high-ranked satellite colocation and data center services in Israel.

Intercloud satellite dish colocation allows you to colocate your satellite dish in the highest ranked satellite dish colocation platform in Israel.
We provide quality service and support, immediate availability, radio noise free environment and high data transfer speeds.
Our data center meets international quality standards and we provide server colocation or renting, with close proximity to your satellite dish.
Intercloud also provides a variety of other data center services at affordable prices.

Key Benefits

  • Trusted  and helpful professional team.

  • 24/7 Technical support.

  • Top tier data center and roof space in Israel that meets international quality standards.

  • Quality assurance and noise-free radio environment.

  • Colocate or rent a server in close proximity to your satellite dish with exceptional data transfer speeds.

  • Immediate space availability.

  • One Stop Shop – we provide a variety of data center and hosting services.