Data Center Information

Our data center is the beating heart of our business.

As such, we provide it with the best services and products available and spare no efforts or expenses on it.

Intercloud’s data center meets the strictest operational and quality standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

It is located in HaMelacha St. 15, Rosh Haayin, Israel.

  • Redundancy: We have a cluster of at least two of every infrastructure component. Our servers and devices are connected to two completely different power sources as well as an independent electric generator.
  • Security: Fully protected infrastructure using hardware firewall clusters. The data center is guarded 24/7, allowing access to personnel only.
  • Speed: Exceptionally high data transfer rates using optic fibers.
  • Availability: 99.99% Uptime. 24/7 NOC and monitoring on site.
  • Proximity: Colocated satellite dishes are located on the roof of the DC in a radio-noise free environment for maximum proximity to your server and best performance.
  • Quality: We only use brand names enterprise hardware and equipment. No white labels or desktop hardware whatsoever.